Some interviews do not translate into job offers. People often wonder why they do not get offers despite having astounding credentials. Some may have had education in Harvard, Yale, Stanford, or any other prominent universities then spent time volunteering in their communities, but these are not the be all and end all of the hiring process. The most vital key is how you speak and carry yourself with confidence.

Instead of boasting about your accomplishments, describe yourself as a problem solver and a decision maker and provide instances wherein you were able to practice these skills. This will surely make you a top candidate for consideration.

Here are some tips to optimize your performance in every stage of the interview:

Opening the Interview

It only takes seconds to make an impression on people so you must do what’s necessary to make a good one. The moment you step inside the interview room, project confidence and courage and speak articulately with substance. In order to stand out in an interview, tell the hiring manager or recruiter your purpose and goals before the interview proper begins. Here are three tips to consider:

  1. Think of your interview as a business meeting with important clients that you have to prepare yourself really well.
  2. Tell the employer that you want to know more about the role, what is its purpose, what is it designed to achieve and its challenges.
  3. Ask the employer their expectations for the role.

How to Keep the Interview Conversation Moving Smoothly

Take the initiative to ask questions. It will show your ability to lead. Timing is key when asking questions. Do not interrupt the employer. Having a natural conversation with the employer will make for a smooth flow of conversation. Sharing about your past experiences is a good jump off point. Be genuine and say how important the role is for you and for the company and how you can help.

How to Close the Interview

Be bold enough to ask for the job. It’s your confidence that will do the work. Confidence is a very big factor that employers consider when they choose a candidate to hire. How will you ask for the job without sounding conceited? You can tell the employer if he sees you being in the role based on what you talked about. His answer will determine whether you are the right fit and this is your chance to leverage further to stress your value to the company. Ask what the next steps are in the hiring process to show your eagerness to land the job.

Job interviews can be daunting, but if you exude confidence, you will nail it and your job interview may turn into an actual job offer.

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