Millions of people experience layoffs every year. It could be due to streamlining, cost-cutting, changes in management, or other factors. No one expects nor desires to be in this situation. It is a bitter experience that nobody wishes to be in. Some take this as a temporary setback while others look at this as an opportunity to start anew, to take a break, and have some of that much needed R & R. However you deal with this matter and bounce back is entirely up to you. Just make sure that you come out a better person after this challenge.

Here are some helpful tips on what to do after a layoff.

Spend time mourning

People who lost their jobs suffer from depression and other psychological problems that affect their way of thinking. Allow yourself to mourn and give time to cope with the loss. Cry if you have to. Scream if you want to. The important thing is to release your emotions and accept the situation with an open heart and mind.

Consider your finances

Spend your money wisely. It’s best to prioritize your needs over your wants during this time. Food, rent, bills, and utilities should be on top of your priority list. You should have enough left before you find a new job.


By working full-time, there’s a tendency to neglect other aspects of your life like socializing and getting yourself fit physically and mentally. Take this pause as an opportunity to reconnect with yourself, your family, and your friends. Engage in regular exercise, get enough sleep, and talk to people in your circle. These will be good for your physical and mental health.

Activate your network 

When you feel that you’re ready to get your feet wet again, reach out to your connections as they may have opportunities available for you. This is much easier than looking at job boards online.

Keep your resume updated

Make your resume stand out by adding measurable achievements in your previous jobs like revenue generated, increased sales, and strategies implemented that helped the companies grow their business.

Take skills classes

Attending workshops and trainings is a good way to improve your skills and sharpen your mind. This will prevent you from being idle. Doing nothing can make you feel stagnated at some point and this is an unpleasant feeling that nobody wants to have.

Work with a recruiter

Recruitment agencies place millions of candidates for various roles every year. It will be good to seek the help of recruiters in finding you a new job that matches your skills set and qualifications.

Look on the bright side

There are exercises that you can practice to help you keep a positive outlook. You can try meditating to revive your focus and clear your mind from any negative thoughts. Moping does not help you gain your ground. Watching motivational talks and reading personal testimonies of triumphs after falling down can inspire you to move on from your bad experience.

Consider taking part-time jobs

Taking baby steps is a good way to moving forward. If you feel that you are not yet ready to take on a regular job again, you may opt to do freelance jobs. This will help you prepare yourself for the real deal and help you augment your finances.

Rejections and failures are part of everyone’s life. No matter how hard you fall down each time, the most important thing is how you bounce back from every fall.

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