Competition is prevalent in any industry, whether it is about popularity, sales, or recruitment. Hiring candidates has become challenging with the many options being offered by different companies. It has turned into a bidding contest where candidates choose the companies that offer the most lucrative opportunities. When pandemic hit, hiring process took a 360-degree turn with everything going virtual. The transition has made it even harder for companies to hire top candidates.

Here are some strategies that can help you persuade candidates to work for your company and keep your existing employees.

1. Embrace Hybrid Work

It is believed that having a physical space makes employees more productive at work. With the pandemic, this belief has changed since remote work is getting to be more predominant and many tools are made available to keep this framework effective and make employees more productive. This proves that people have started to embrace working remotely and companies should do the same.

2. Define Your Remote Systems and Processes

Over the past two years, companies have transitioned into a remote company. It’s a struggle to bring in people because some systems and processes are not clearly defined. In order to be on top of the list of companies that candidates are considering applying to, companies should lay down all systems for remote work for candidates to understand what they are getting themselves into.

3. Demonstrate a Transparent, Communicative Hiring Process

Creating a good impression for potential employees during the hiring process gives you an edge. Being transparent with the process and having an open communication with them is important so that they will know where they stand.

4. Tune in to the Candidate’s Goals and Aspirations

People seeking jobs are full of dreams and aspirations. Showing empathy and encouragement to these candidates gives you an advantage. They will feel that joining your company can be instrumental in achieving their goals.

5. Explain What They Stand to Gain

One of the most effective ways to convince a candidate to join your company is by telling them the benefits that they will gain. Explain to them what’s in it for them when they accept your offer aside from compensation. You can tell them the company values and vision of improving not only the company but also its employees.

6. Show There’s Room for Advancement

One common reason why employees leave their jobs is the feeling of being stuck, with no room to grow their careers. If you want to keep your cream of the crop, tell them that you are looking for a long-term partnership with them and that you value their contribution to the company. Offer them the opportunity to advance their careers.

7. Offer Respect and Flexibility

When offering a job to a candidate, showcase your company’s virtues like being respectful, friendly, and flexible. These often attract candidates to join companies. Offering flexible working schedule will give you more chances that they will accept the opportunity from your company.

8. Highlight You Positive Culture

Your company culture determines the kind of work environment you have in your company. Keeping your employees happy and motivated and showing that you care about their welfare will earn you their loyalty. Highlight this when you are hiring new people to join your company.

9. Provide Social Proof

Getting testimonies from your employees about their experience working for your company is a good practice. You may post these on your social network accounts so that people seeking jobs in your company will have higher consideration of choosing your company to work for.

10. Put Your Values on Display

Convince people to join your company by putting your values on display, what you stand for, and what your core values are. A lot of people not only work for money to provide for their needs. They seek out a company that can nourish their social, mental, and psychological needs.

There are many factors that candidates consider when joining a company. Aside from a fat pay check, they want stability, advancement, flexibility, positive work environment, and inclusivity in the company that they wish to join.

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