The demand for entry level technical related positions is increasing but finding the right candidate could be challenging. This is why there is a dedicated person that is tasked to find the best fit for that technical role, the Technical Recruiter.  A technical recruiter works with companies or placement agencies to help them hire the right candidates for the technical related positions. 


How to become a technical recruiter

First and foremost, a technical recruiter must have the necessary technical knowledge to be able to explain the complexities of the tasks of any technical role. This will show credibility and authority in the recruitment process. A technical recruiter must be able to clearly explain to the candidates the requirements and expectations related to the job. Finding the right fit requires extensive research and careful scrutiny of any candidate that the technical recruiter is considering for the role.

What it entails to be a technical recruiter

A technical recruiter is a strategist, a good communicator, an exceptional writer, and a good salesman. These encapsulate what a technical recruiter should be. The challenge is getting the right candidate to say “yes” and this boils down to how a technical recruiter plans his strategies, conducts interviews, writes the job descriptions, and persuades the candidate to accept the job offer. With the growing need for technical people in many companies, what sets the company apart from the rest? This is a very important factor to address in attracting candidates to join the team.


Some of the things that a technical recruiter needs to exercise during the interview process are communication, critical thinking, and negotiation skills. This way, he can determine the candidate’s suitability for the role and he will be able to successfully place the candidate in a specific technical role. In order to find the right fit, relevant questions are drawn to reveal the full potential of the candidate.   

Technical recruiter interview questions

  • What do you think qualifies you to work for this company?
  • What would you say are your main strengths for this position?
  • How have you improved your skills?
  • Do you feel like you have enough experience in the field or do you feel that most of your skills come from theory and not practice?
  • What do you have under your belt that will make you the best candidate for this role?

Answers to these questions will be helpful in evaluating the candidates’ skills, abilities, character, strengths, and weaknesses. These will filter the candidates and the best one will stand out. The interview must be able to extract significant and substantial information from the candidates to rule out the possibility of hiring someone who may not be optimal for the positions that need to be filled.

Finding a technical recruiter 

To find a technical recruiter, any recruiter needs to think and be like one. And to achieve this is to know the industry inside and out. Having sufficient knowledge of the industry serves an opportunity to find the most talented and right candidates who will share extensive experiences and skills and demonstrate the right attitude that the company will benefit from and in return, the best candidates will benefit from the company as well. This is an ideal mutually beneficial result that every technical recruiter wants to achieve every time. 

The job of a technical recruiter is to focus on looking for talented people that are seeking technical related positions in companies. It’s a tough and demanding job but being able to fill the position with the right candidates who can be beneficial for the company makes everything worthwhile. 

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