Global economy has been hugely compromised due to Covid-19 pandemic. People were clueless on the impact that it was going to bring to businesses across the world. It had adverse effects not only on businesses but also on employment. With the health restrictions being imposed, companies have resorted to other alternative in their recruitment process — the virtual hiring. Some were skeptical to use this approach in the beginning as they are used to hiring people face-to-face but gradually, it has become the new normal in recruitment, offering a wealth of opportunities both for recruiters and candidates.

With virtual hiring, companies now have access to unlimited pool of potential talents. Recruiters have acquired an easier way to screen candidates from around the world. Who would’ve thought that this could be possible?

So, what is virtual hiring? Let’s dig deeper for a clearer understanding.

What Is Virtual Hiring?

Virtual hiring is a process of screening, interviewing, and hiring candidates remotely without meeting face-to-face. Even before the pandemic, several tools were already available for virtual hiring which were not being fully utilized by companies and job seekers. Now, there is a need to take advantage of technology. Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams are some of the most popular online tools being used in recruiting virtually. These tools and the whole process have proven effective and beneficial for companies. However, despite its benefits, it also comes with glitches.

Pros of Virtual Hiring

1. Makes Continuous Hiring Possible When Personal Interviews Can’t be Scheduled

In some cases, it’s hard to schedule a face-to-face interview with candidates, which delays the recruitment process but with virtual recruitment, hiring can be continuous and more time-efficient both for employer and the candidate.

2. Causes Significant Decrease in the Hiring and Onboarding Expenses

Hiring eats up a big portion of a company’s budget. The more they hire, the higher the percentage it takes from the budget. A well-structured virtual hiring process can help the company reduce costs on recruitment. It is also very economical for candidates as they do not have to spend on transportation and other miscellaneous expenses when they are applying for jobs.

3. Provides Access to Offshore Talent

When your in-house teams have a lot on their plate, outsourcing is a great alternative. Hiring remote workers both onshore and offshore allows your operations to continue without sacrificing the quality and productivity. Aside from this, the company can save money by hiring low-wage income earners from other continents.

Cons of Virtual Hiring

1. It is Harder to Get a Sense of a Company’s Culture

With the lack of personal interaction with candidates, it is a challenge to determine whether they are a good fit for the company culture. Candidates accept the offers without having first-hand experience in the workplace and having no collaboration with other members of the team. Later on, they will discover that the workplace is not applicable for them and their expectations are not met.

2. A Candidate May Not Feel As Valued As In-House Employees

Remote employees may feel alienated from the company compared to in-house employees who enjoy certain perks and benefits than them. In-house employees have deeper connection and smoother interaction with each other and it is hard for remote employees to keep up. This can create feelings of being devalued and under compensated among virtual employees.

4 Ways to Make Your Virtual Recruitment Process a Success

Being in charge of the virtual recruitment process is a tall order and poses a lot of pressure. You want to make sure that you are choosing the right candidate for the job, someone you see growing their careers in the company. Here are some tips to make your virtual recruitment process a success:

1. Adapting to Modern Technology

Modern technology makes virtual hiring possible. Without it, your virtual hiring process cannot move forward. For instance, candidates can take assessment test online and get instant results. You may also create videos of your company and upload them to your website, citing its mission and vision and core values. This way, candidates can have a sense of the company culture. Inclusion of frequently asked questions and integrating chatbots into your website can also save you time as candidates will find the answers to some of their questions on your website.

2. Leave No Room for Discriminatory Hiring Decisions

Avoid any form of bias in hiring virtually as this could have negative effects on your company. Your decision to hire should not be based on gender, race, religion, or disability.

3. Define the Essentials for Hiring

Set clear and essential characteristics of candidates that you are looking for. Candidates must possess critical traits needed for making virtual working effective.

Most important trait is being technology savvy since it is a technology based process. Some candidates have exceptional skills but they are not well versed on technology.

Effective communication is equally important as meeting virtually can be challenging. Candidates should be able to express themselves clearly. Self-motivation and self-discipline also play a key role in the whole process. These determine the candidate’s core values which are very important factors for the company to consider when hiring remotely.

4. Allow Your Candidates Experience the Company Culture

Be creative in having your virtual candidates experience the company culture. You can do this by initiating virtual tours of the company or by arranging two-way team meetings. During the interview process, make your culture pitch stand out by sharing testimonies from your employees about their work experience. This will give a visual for the candidates about your company culture.

Virtual hiring levels the playing field for all job seekers. It has become a battle where candidates’ weapons are their competence and skills, and not where they come from. Many talented professionals hail from all corners of the globe and virtual hiring is giving them equal opportunities to showcase their talents. Companies are likewise given more options that can help grow their business.

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