Research shows that company spends $500 for each open vacancy. In order to find qualified candidates to fill the roles, a good recruitment team with exceptional methods should be in place. There are many strategies being used in the recruiting process. Some are effective, some are not.

Below are some of the methods that you may include in your hiring strategies.

Use Recruitment Agencies

Having an internal recruiting team can be good for the company but hiring the services of recruitment agencies can speed up the process. You can save time and resources because these agencies will manage the whole recruitment process for your company. You may also hire them to manage only certain portions of the hiring process. For example, you can hire an agency to simply contact people that you target to recruit and after they’ve done so, you will take over and finish the rest of the process until you find the right candidate.

Hire Internally

In most cases, recruiters look for candidates from outside the company, but the truth is, there are many talented people within the bounds of the company who have potential and ability. Some employees want to grow their careers in the same company that is why they are always looking for higher role opportunities. Some may feel stuck and bored with their current role and want to explore other roles where they can feel more motivated.

Hiring internally is good for the organization as these candidates have already proven that they are fit for the company and are familiar with the systems and policies. This will save the company time in training the candidates. By hiring internally, it will show that the company supports the employees’ desire to advance their careers.

Use Employee Referrals

If hiring internally doesn’t work due to lack of suitable candidates, you can ask employees for referrals for any available positions. This will promote inclusivity among employees and they will feel that they are contributing something to the organization. Moreover, when you hire candidates who are within the circle of your employees, it will build camaraderie since they know each other and this will boost company culture and retention.

Post Good Job Descriptions

Advertising your job openings to different job boards can also work. However, make sure that the content of the job description are well-written and that they do not suggest any form of bias. Make the advertisement short but sweet, meaning, focus on the most important things to avoid job seekers losing interest and focus on the role. Listing only a few of the important requirements will help you acquire more candidates to apply.

Advertise on Social Media

Promoting your brand is necessary in any recruiting strategy. With social media gaining massive following, you must utilize this platform for your recruitment needs. This strategy focuses on recruiting candidates you find on social media.

LinkedIn is the most popular site for recruiting online, but some are also exploring Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok. This increases the talent pool of the company. Remember to use the same tone of advertisement across all platforms for consistency.

Use Freelancers

Due to the pandemic, there’s a rise of working virtually from anywhere and recruiting process has also taken this direction. Many people who were laid off from their regular jobs have resorted to working freelance. Hiring freelancers is a new trend in hiring strategy. Hiring managers and recruiters are using this strategy when they have temporary open roles that require short-term engagements. This method can save the company a lot of resources as they do not need to keep these freelancers in their payroll once their projects are done. Hiring freelancers can also increase the company’s talent pool where they can easily choose somebody to hire should they have a new project that requires the services of the freelancers.

These are some of the recruitment methods that can aid your company in hiring talents. You can choose to try them all until you find the right one that works for you. Just remember that it’s the quality, not the quantity that counts.

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