Every candidate wants to impress with their resumes by playing with the format, fonts, and colors and by indicating their responsibilities in their previous jobs. However, recruiters and hiring managers do not look for aesthetics and a generic list when they are looking for new talents. They are impressed by quality content rather than a well-designed document.

So, how will you make your resume stand out? You may achieve this by crafting a resume that shows your achievements that made a significant impact on the companies you worked for. Simple bullet-point format will do. By having key metrics and KPIs in your resume, you will build your credibility and your claims will be much more believable.

Here are 5 metrics that can give your resume an advantage:

1. Revenue and Sales Growth

If you were hired by your previous company to increase their sales, make sure to include specific numbers to demonstrate your contribution to the company. You may want to create a spreadsheet to keep track of your achievements from your previous roles. For example, you may indicate the increase in percentage of sales on a monthly or yearly basis and what kind of strategies you used to achieve this. Through this, recruiters can somehow gauge the value that you will add to their company. This is way better than putting generic statements about your responsibilities.

2. Cost Reduction and Profitability Improvement

If you were hired in a position that did not require you to generate revenues, recall the times that you were able to help your previous company in their cost-efficiency measures. Indicate how much you were able to reduce cost in your department. For example, you were able to save production and freight cost by certain percentage or you were able to increase profitability by removing some overhead costs and replacing them with a cheaper alternative. These are the things that you need to indicate in your resume to suggest that you did not only perform your tasks but you were also concerned about the company’s financial stability.

3. Process Optimization

In any role, every employee has the ability to improve existing processes even if it’s not part of their job but in order to work efficiently, employees find ways to contribute for the improvement of processes. By indicating figures in this area, it will show that you can be a valuable asset of the company by being able to do more with little time because of the improved process that you initiated.

4. People

If you were hired to lead or train people, you may want to indicate the number of people who were directly and indirectly reporting to you, the number of teams you manage, and the number of people you trained on many topics and the impacts of the training to those people. This will help recruiters have a clear understanding of your ability to lead people.

5. Marketing and Partnership Development

Marketing job is one of the most challenging roles in the market. It is about building relationships and being able to translate these into revenues. In your resume, showcase the marketing campaigns that you designed which brought a significant increase in revenues for the company. You can also indicate the partnerships you honed and what positive results these partnerships brought to the company.

Writing your resume is not as easy as it seems. A well-structured and well-thought of resume will give you more chances of being invited to an interview. This means that you are able to capture the interest of recruiters simply by reading your resume. Remember, content is the key. When you’re satisfied with the content that you put in, you may tailor-fit your resume to the roles that you’re applying for.

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